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Continuous Filtered Air On-The-Go

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Portable Air Purifier for Hiking or Traveling

How Hari Hats Air Purifier works
  • Fan pulls in air from above visor
  • Fan pushes air towards filter, which traps pollutants from incoming air
  • Filtered air reaches breathing zone, & turbulent air flow displaces remaining pollutants from face
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Engineered for Excellence

A Novel, Trendy Solution

Wearable technology is on the rise, and integrating engineering with apparel to solve pressing respiratory problems in the midst of worsening pollution has been a focus of our team here at Honeyfeinated.

User-Friendly, Patented Technology

Hari Hats embodies a patented miniaturized air filtration technology system on-the-go! No more bulky, obvious, hard-to-handle and maintain gadgets.

Low Profile Design

Streamlined into an everyday wearable for convenience and style, Hari Hats delivers a zone of comfortable, continuous, conditioned and filtered air to the personalized breathing zone and allergy-prone regions of the wearer, without comprising the comfort of a hat.

A Universal, Health-Conscious Product

This innovation serves to push away pollutants that irritate the respiratory system, in all types of individuals; from patients with asthma and environmental allergies to even healthy individuals to just breathe better. Made for all genders and ages, whether out for a morning walk, night run, weekend hike, or a family camping trip, wearing Hari Hats is like packing a supply of clean air wherever you go.

Rigorous Testing & Meticulous Customization

Years of R&D and acquisition of international safety certifications have led to all components being carefully selected to optimize the functionality, purpose, safety and uniqueness of this innovative product. Every inch of a baseball hat was evaluated to strategically place each piece, leading to an inconspicuous, easy way to breathe better and be better.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Enjoy your Hari Hats worry-free. We are confident about the quality of our product, so we will take care of the following components: Fan, Battery, Charger, Speed Controller Receiver, Spreed Controller Remote. Read our Warranty section for more details.

Mobile App Coming Soon

Since all details have been tailored for the consumer’s ultimate convenience, developing a mobile app has also been a priority so Hari Hats can be operated from anywhere, at any time.

Fight COVID On-The-Go

The turbulent air flow beneath the visor is also designed to displace much smaller airborne particles such as COVID variants and more. Additionally, the increased air flow can make mask wearing more comfortable.

Breathe Better, Be Better, Today

Say goodbye to itchy, sneezy pollen, dust mites, pet dander, pollutants, and more, and say hello to the new filtered air product on the market!

For Allergies or Asthma or Everyday Wear

Portable air purifier that filters pollutants of all kinds

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Olivia Martinez, PhD
Esteemed environmental scientist and Immunology Professor at Stanford University

"Hari Hats is a game-changer in the fight against air pollution. Its ability to create a clean breathing zone while remaining inconspicuous and user-friendly makes it an invaluable tool for individuals concerned about their respiratory health."

Zibu Ncube
Professional tennis coach and high-performance trainer

"It is definitely a cap worth having if you’re looking to enrich your lung capacity and also to have a healthier lifestyle. I think it's going to take sports by storm and it's technology that's taking the game to the next level."

Alexander Lauinger
Division 1 Tennis Athlete

"I would definitely recommend this hat for people who are very active…you can wear it to every sport if you have to struggle with allergies like me…it makes the sport better for me."

Jesse Morales
Avid runner, tennis coach and SAG-AFTRA actor

"It’s lightweight, the materials are great, I can barely feel it when I’m running. Hari Hats - I think it is the next big thing for people who are runners and just like to be outside, being active."

Ilay Mitmiger
Passionate tennis player

"I would highly recommend everyone who’s doing any sports…if you have any allergies or just going on a walk, put this hat on, it’s really going to help you. So if you’re suffering from allergies, or you just want to breathe more clear even if you don’t have any allergies, this is definitely going to help you."

Deepika Rai, PhD
Chemical Engineer, Postdoctoral Scientist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

"We can see if you want to take a walk in the morning or in the evening, there is a lot of pollution nowadays on the streets. Hari Hats is designed in such a way that you will get fresh air on your face every time you are wearing it. From my end, I will tell you to buy one, use one and enjoy it!"

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