Air Filteration. In a portable, lightweight Hat.

Air purifying hat made for everyday wear

Hari Hats is the Better Choice.

Comparing different air purifiers

Designed for User Convenience & Optimal Function

hardware specs of patented Hari Hatshardware specs of patented Hari Hats

Filter Strength Modulation

Changing and replacing the filter is a user friendly process. We have provided 2 filter types (one low density and one high density) for the user to interchange based on pollution levels in the environment. Each pack contains 50 filters, for long-term use of the product (more filter packs are available for purchase separately).

Low Density Filter

Hari Hats filter in green

Our low density filter is the same used in surgical masks. Recommended use is for normal day-to-day life such as leisure walks, grocery shopping, etc.

High Density Filter

Hari Hats filter in blue

Our high denisty filter is for more polluted areas. Recommended use is during hiking, camping, amusement parks, etc.

International Safety Certifications

Our hardware has undergone the highest standards of testing to ensure customer safety with the optimal results.

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Filters Tested for Optimal Efficacy

  • Scientifically Tested: Hari Hats has been scientifically tested to confirm its filters’ efficacy on capturing harmful particulate matter (PM) in a harmful geometric range.
  • Filters Small & Large Harmful Particles: PM2.5 represents airborne pollutants with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers (um) or less, such as wildfire smoke, dust mites and pet dander. PM10 represents those with a diameter between 2.5 and 10um, such as vehicle exhaust and pollens. For comparison, a human hair is 50-70um thick.
  • Effective Indoors & Outdoors: In both ambient conditions, Hari Hats’ low and high density filters reduced small and large particles in the air around an individual’s breathing zone by a very significant margin compared to no filter.
The power of Hari Hats air purifierThe power of Hari Hats air purifierThe power of Hari Hats air purifier