For every breath my son struggled to take, the seed of the Hari Hat was planted. Born from necessity, it now promises cleaner air for all.

Founder & CEO

Honey Gupta, PhD

As much an academician, Dr. Gupta is also a creative and artistic soul at heart. With a mission to integrate the sweet, rich, authentic nature of Honey into every thread, merging technology with design to deliver a unique product, Honeyfeinated was born.

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Gupta is hard at work to engineer her patented health protective hats that gift users filtered air on-the-go! She initially came up with this product in response to her experience with her son suffering from respiratory conditions that caused him to compromise his athletic aspirations and overall childhood. Thus, Hari Hats can help individuals suffering from outdoor allergies, asthma and/or other respiratory conditions. However, as air pollution becomes a more serious issue, especially with natural disasters such as wildfires exuding toxic air quality, Hari Hats helps even healthy individuals safeguard against harmful particulate matter that easily enters the bloodstream and can cause health problems over prolonged periods of exposure.

Honeyfeinated was crafted with warmth and love, good health and good vibes, and passion to give back to the community by helping alleviate a significant reason for human suffering. She welcomes customers to become part of the growing Honeyfeinated family.

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